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Hey happy people!. So you wanna know a little more about me? Well I’m touched, and I trust you’re prepared for an adventure.  I'm Ajie, a traveler, blogger and down to earth entrepreneur from Bali Indonesia.  Bali is a very beautiful place, I do a lot of business here. I think Bali is a good place to do business.

I own and operate a small business company in Bali.  I have been a  entrepreneur for close to  2  year  now.  The thing I love about having a small business is feeling you get when working with others. I feel like there is a real sense of connection between the customer and my brand, which I don't think is particularly possible in a huge, mainstream label. I believe that the story behind a product can be just as special as the product itself, and retailing through my web shop and various market stalls allows me to share that with my customers. I love to feel like your getting a real treasure.

I'm a social guy, a very outgoing, positive person. I love the beach and I love the interesting things I find on the beach. Why I live in Bali. Well, one of the primary reasons is Bali is really beautiful, you can reach beaches, mountains and jungles in a short car ride. There are some gorgeous rice field walks around and it's a nice place to just shop, eat and chill out. I love just having a coffee in one of the many lovely cafes and people watching.
A little about who I am. I’m young entrepreneur, I love the beach, travel, Deep & Soulful House music, Nu Jazz + Acid Jazz music. And I have two wonderful dogs named Devo and Reus. 

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